BenQ X3000i Review

BenQ X3000i Review
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A few months ago, we had the pleasure of testing BenQ’s X1300i gaming projector, a decent 1080p gaming offering that could be an ideal proposal for any gamer under a tight budget. Now in our BenQ X3000i review, we are going to test BenQ’s latest release in the X series, which is an X1300i on 4K steroids.

Looking at the X1300i and X3000i, you are going to find a lot of similarities between the two. Looking at the specs, it will be hard to spot any meaningful differences other than the resolution upgrade. But these numbers tell only half the story, and we are here to determine if this new release takes gaming into the 4K resolution with might or if it fails to make a real impact.

As we always do, let’s go over the specs real quick. The X3000i is a 4K resolution pixel shifting gaming projector that uses a single DLP DMD chip and a 4LED light source for getting a 3,000 lumens brightness rating. It comes with low input lag, specific gaming modes, HDR10 and HLG support, Android TV, and all its online and streaming features.

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