Hisense A6H Review

Hisense A6H Review
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Hisense has been closely following the big three (LG, Samsung, and Sony) for a few good years now, and they have managed to do so by offering specs at prices none of their competitors can even come close to. And this continues well into 2022, and so today, in our Hisense A6H review, we will be looking at this low-tier offering and determine if Hisense is still able to keep the pricing strategy that made them so famous lately.

The A6H is the direct replacement of 2021’s A6G that we reviewed some time ago, so it will be interesting to see if there are any changes, if any at all, between these two models. One thing that seems to be the same is that Hisense, for some reason, offers the A6H with different specs in different markets. We have seen different sizes come with both VA and IPS panels in some markets, and it comes with the Google TV OS, while in others, it uses the VIDAA TV OS.

Also, different sizes seem to offer slightly different port configurations and the number of HDMIs available. The TV we have today for testing is the 55 ″ A6H, specifically for the US market, which comes with an IPS panel along with the latest Google TV.

Let’s go very quickly over the specs. The Hisense A6H is a 4K TV that supports both HDR10 and Dolby Vision, uses a 4K quad-core processor, comes with an IPS panel with a Direct LED backlight and 60Hz refresh rate, VRR, DTS Virtual: X, and uses the latest Google TV 11.0 which includes many features like Chromecast, voice control, Bluetooth streaming, and WiFi functionality.

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