LG S80QY Review

LG S80QY Review

With LG having to release no less than five new soundbars in 2022, they surely know how to offer something for all budgets and all tastes, as they have been doing for the last few years. In our LG S80QY review today, we will look towards the middle of their lineup and determine if LG’s new release has anything different to offer than the model it is supposed to replace, the 2021 SP8YA.

Now, we didn’t have the chance to test its predecessor, so we cannot compare the two units directly. However, LG usually releases these new models with minimal differences, as one year is insufficient to make substantial improvements. And from the looks of it, the S80QY falls right into that category, with one notable difference we will discuss further in our review.

But before we start, as we always do, let’s see a glimpse of what the new 2022 release comes with. The LG S80QY is 3.1.3 channels, a soundbar-subwoofer combo that supports Dolby Atmos and DTS: X and IMAX Enhanced. It is once again the result of the collaboration with Meridian and comes with plenty of features like high-resolution audio, many online streaming and multi-room options, voice control, an auto-calibration system, USB and Bluetooth playback, and can be expanded with optional surround speakers kit.

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