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Why do people go to Nails by Annabel? For regular maintenance of the appearance, to rediscover oneself, to gain more self-reliance, and just to have fun. Whatever your reason is, you can meet your needs with beauticians here.

You can come here for a manicure. In this salon, artists care not only about nail beauty but also about your hands’ wellness.

About Us

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About Nails by Annabel

In 2015 Annabel Maginnis started her nail career after studying fashion and makeup in London. She had a flair for creativity and her style of nails quickly became popular and earned her a cult following on social media. With her huge online presence in the nail industry and has featured in Scratch and other industry-leading nail magazines, Annabel and her husband Elliot decided to launch their brand in 2017 called the Glitterbels acrylic powder. They have distributors all around the world and an ever-growing community of nail artists on their social media platforms. They also have a training academy that teaches aspiring nail techs how to apply acrylic powder and gel systems correctly, along with art, removal and filling to perfection.

Why Nails By Annabel?

Why should you choose Nails By Annabel? Nails By Annabel has a clear and user-friendly website that is also mobile-friendly. You can easily find products and all information about the delivery conditions is easy to find and clear. In addition, the website is secured with an SSL/TSL certificate, recognisable by the locked padlock in front of the URL in the bar of the web browser. So you can safely provide personal data and also pay securely online. In addition, Nails By Annabel complies with European legislation regarding information security and privacy. Nails By Annabel has various contact options. You can contact them by e-mail or by phone. Nails By Annabel has an expert team of specialists who can answer all your questions about ordering and deliveries.

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Reviews over Nails By Annabel

Products of Nails by Annabel

Nails by Annabel products include unbelievable gels, builders and topcoats, gel polishes, core powder, loose glitters, essentials, nail tips, pre-mixed glitters, iridescent series, acrylic system, monomers, coloured acrylics, salon essentials, brushes, file bits, nail art, Swarovski crystals, salon chairs, extractor filters, reception desk, and nail desk. They also run online courses on acrylic design and sculpting, e-file, gel design, gel polish and acrylic fast track, gel polish, glitterbels builder gel in a bottle, nail knowledge, and refresher.

Nails by Annabels Training Courses

Welcome to Nails by Annabel’s Training Academy, situated in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire. We have a new purpose build training centre, fully equipped and including industry-first technology.


Where can I order Nails By Annabel ?

Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website by clicking this link.

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