Samsung CU8000 Review

Samsung CU8000 Review
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In recent years, with the continuous development of technology, an increasing number of home entertainment devices have entered the market, with Smart TVs becoming increasingly popular. Most households are looking for flat-screen televisions that have these features.In a previous article, we introduced the Samsung S95C, and today we would like to focus on another impressive product – the Samsung CU8000.

The Samsung CU8000 series TV is a high-end television that offers 4K resolution and HDR display technology, providing users with a great viewing experience in terms of picture quality. Together, they produce more lifelike colors and contrast, as well as deeper blacks and brighter whites. Samsung provides various image enhancement options so that users can adjust them based on their preferences.

The CU8000 also has built-in voice assistants such as Bixby, which allows users to easily control the TV and access applications and settings that are typically only accessible with a remote. In addition, the CU8000 supports various mainstream streaming services such as Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, making it very suitable for users who love online videos and streaming content.

In terms of design, the Samsung CU8000 series TV adopts a modern style and has three narrow bezels surrounding the screen, making it look wider. It supports multiple input ports including HDMI, USB, and Ethernet ports, allowing you to connect various external devices such as gaming consoles, audio equipment, and computers.

Overall, the Samsung CU8000 series TV is a recommended high-end model that offers excellent image quality, good smart features, stylish design, and remarkable build quality.


Q: What type of wall mount is required for this TV? A: The CU8000 is compatible with wall mounts that meets the VESA standard. It’s important to use a compatible mount and not a wall frame that either supports a size too small or too big for your TV.

Q: Is there a 3D model file available for CU8000? A: Samsung hasn’t publicly released a 3D model file for the CU8000, but more technical documents may be released in the future.

Q: Can I use my phone to control CU8000? A: Yes, users can control the TV through the installation of the Samsung mobile app and easily access applications and other settings without remote.

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