Samsung HW-Q910B Review

Samsung HW-Q910B Review

Every year, Samsung releases so many new soundbars that almost no other competing brand can follow them except maybe LG. Although this may add more confusion when the time comes to choose the right one, at least with so many offerings, you can find the one that exactly suits your needs. And today, in our Samsung HW-Q910B review, we will test another release belonging to their refreshed 2022 Q-series.

The Q-series indeed draws most of the attention as it is supposed to be the premium lineup with all the bells and whistles you would expect. In 2022 Samsung has no less than 8 new models starting with the top Q990B that we had reviewed recently, the Q950B, the Q930B, the Q910B that we will test today, the Q800B that we also tested, the Q700B, the Q600B and the Q60B sitting at the bottom of the series.

From the above, you understand that the HW-Q910B is more or less a mid-tier premium model. So let’s see what we get with this one. The soundbar is a complete surround system that, except the main bar, includes a subwoofer and rear speakers and comes with 9.1.2 channels and a total of 520 watts of power output. It supports Dolby Atmos and DTS: X and includes plenty of extras like high-resolution audio, Bluetooth, WiFi, Q-Symphony, Airplay 2, voice control, and SmartThings integration.

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