Samsung QN95B Review

Samsung QN95B Review
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The inception of the One Connect Box from Samsung was an ingenious idea. Still, unfortunately, instead of Samsung using it across its entire lineup, it has ended up being more of a niche feature than a trademark of its engineering. But until last year, this magic box was missing from the US market as the QN95A was exclusive to certain European countries, among others. But this finally seems to change, and in our Samsung QN95B review, we will test their best 4K LED TV on offer for 2022.

Now, the QN95B is a strange release. Looking at the specs, you will not find major differences, if any, compared to the QN90B. But with a price difference of around $900, there must be something different to justify the cost. Their differences are centered around a slightly better processor, a slightly improved audio system, support for 144Hz across all sizes, and the inclusion of the One Connect Box.

It was going fast over the specs. We see that the QN95B will be offered in four sizes from 55 ″ up to 85 ″. It comes with a VA panel that can do both 120Hz and 144Hz. It uses Samsung’s top Neural Quantum Processor 4K, supports HDR10+, and for sound, uses the Object Tracking Sound+ (OTS+) audio system with Dolby Atmos. This year, as with many Samsung models, we get four HDMI 2.1 ports with the latest Tizen 2022 platform.

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