Sennheiser AMBEO Plus Review

Sennheiser AMBEO Plus Review

Recently we had the opportunity to test the Sennheiser AMBEO MAX, which was a really interesting and very impressive soundbar from a brand that is not very popular in this market. But it seems that it found its audience, which led Sennheiser to expand its series with a new member released in 2022. As such, in our Sennheiser AMBEO Plus review, we will test their latest release and how it stacks up against their top AMBEO MAX offering.

While with AMBEO MAX, Sennheiser seemed to hold nothing back with its impressive 13 drivers configuration, with the AMBEO Plus, they decided to go with a more conservative design to create a product that would be more affordable and thus more popular to a broader range of consumers. The AMBEO Plus retains many of the same features the MAX version has, but there are some differences that we will point out in the appropriate sections.

So, before we begin, let’s quickly see what we get this time. The AMBEO soundbar Plus is a single, 7.1.4 channels soundbar with 400 watts of RMS power. It supports not only Dolby Atmos and DTS: X but also 360 Reality Audio and MPEG-H audio and comes with plenty of features like an audio calibration system, High-Resolution Audio support, Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities, voice control and support for many streaming platforms.

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