Sony X77l Review: The Ultimate Viewing Experience Awaits You

Sony X77l
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Sony X77l
Sony X77l

Today, we’re diving deep into the Sony X77l, a television set that promises not only high-quality visuals but also exceptional functionality. With an increasing number of options flooding the TV market, making the right choice can be overwhelming. Our comprehensive Sony X77l Review aims to guide you through its multiple features, performance metrics, and functionalities, so you can decide if this is the smart TV you’ve been waiting for.

Design, Inputs, and Features

The Sony X77l is a paragon of sleek design, with its ultra-thin bezels and minimalist stand. It comes with a range of input options, including HDMI, USB, and Ethernet ports, making it highly versatile for all your connectivity needs. The TV is not just about good looks; its features include voice control, built-in Google Assistant, and a user-friendly interface.


When it comes to connectivity, the Sony X77l has you covered. With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet options, you can easily connect multiple devices or join your home network.


The Sony X77l performs exceptionally well, offering a smooth user experience whether you’re streaming high-definition movies or playing graphics-intensive games. Its powerful processor ensures quick app loading and multitasking capabilities.

Video Quality

Equipped with 4K UHD resolution, the Sony X77l delivers crystal-clear images. Its high dynamic range (HDR) support further enhances picture quality, offering vibrant colors and deeper blacks.

Audio Processing

Sound quality is often an afterthought for many TVs, but not with the Sony X77l. Its audio processing technology ensures clear and immersive sound, making an external sound system almost unnecessary.

SDR and HDR Measurements

For those who are particularly concerned about the details, the Sony X77l offers various modes to adjust Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) settings. These tweaks can make a significant difference in how your content looks and feels.

Contrast Performance

One of the standout features of the Sony X77l is its impressive contrast ratio. The deep blacks and bright whites make for an incredible viewing experience, especially in rooms with controlled lighting.

Viewing Angles

The Sony X77l offers decent viewing angles, ensuring that even those seated at an angle from the center have a good visual experience. However, like many LCD TVs, it may suffer a slight loss of color and contrast when viewed from extreme angles.

HDR Support

With full HDR10 support, this TV brings out the best in any compatible media content. From gaming consoles to Blu-ray players, you can expect stunning visuals that come to life on your screen.

Color Coverage

The Sony X77l’s color coverage is expansive, capable of displaying a wide array of hues and shades. This makes it perfect for viewing content that is rich in color, from animated movies to lush nature documentaries.

Other Gaming Features

Gamers will appreciate the Sony X77l’s low input lag and fast response time. Features like variable refresh rate (VRR) support make this TV a suitable choice for high-action gaming.

Sony X77l
Sony X77l

Overall Image Quality Impressions

The Sony X77l truly shines when it comes to image quality. With its 4K resolution and advanced picture processing technologies, it delivers a crisp, clear, and vibrant picture that will please even the most discerning viewers. Whether you’re watching a movie, playing a game, or streaming your favorite TV shows, this TV provides an immersive viewing experience.

Streaming Capabilities

The Sony X77l is equipped with a variety of built-in streaming apps, making it a one-stop-shop for all your entertainment needs. From Netflix to Hulu to Amazon Prime, you can easily access your favorite streaming platforms without the need for external devices. The TV’s interface is user-friendly, making it easy to navigate through apps and settings.

Compared to other TVs

When stacked up against the competition, the Sony X77l holds its own. While some models may offer slightly better performance in specific areas, this TV’s all-around capabilities make it a top contender in its price range. Whether you prioritize picture quality, sound, or smart features, the Sony X77l delivers on all fronts.

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