TCL 32″ 32S355 Review

TCL 32″ 32S355 Review
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Just yesterday, we took you on a vivid journey through the dynamic world of TCL’s 40S350R, illuminating its many features and potentials. As the sun rises today, we shift our spotlight to yet another gem in TCL’s illustrious lineup: the TCL 32″ 32S355. Buckle up, dear readers, as we embark on this new adventure, unveiling the nuances and marvels of this promising model.


  • Resolution: Stunning High-Definition.
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9.
  • Audio Power: Speakers deliver 5W + 5W, promising an encompassing auditory experience.
  • Display: A simple, customizable home screen ensures your preferred content is always front-and-center.
  • Streaming: Dive deep into a vast array of content – free TV, live news, sports, movies, and more.
  • Entertainment Selection: Over 250+ live TV channels, award-winning Roku Originals, in-season shows, and hit movies.
  • Guide: Integrated Live TV Channel Guide for swift and seamless browsing.

The HD resolution ensures that every frame is a treat for the eyes, capturing every nuanced detail. Combined with an audio output of 5W + 5W, you’re not just watching content; you’re experiencing it.

One of the standout features of the TCL 32″ 32S355 is its user-centric design. The customizable home screen cuts the fluff and brings your favorite platforms, be it streaming services or gaming consoles, to the forefront. Add to that the Stream What You Love feature, and you have an entertainment powerhouse at your disposal.

Diversified content is the call of the day, and with Endless Free Entertainment, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Whether it’s the latest episode of a trending series, a classic movie, or even channels designed specifically for the younger audience, this TCL model delivers.

To Conclude:
The TCL 32″ 32S355 is more than just a television; it’s your ticket to endless entertainment. For those who demand quality without the hefty price tag, this model is undeniably a prime contender. Dive into the world of TCL and discover a viewing experience like no other.

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